The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth

by Aberration Nexus

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Promotional single.
Includes bonus tracks.

This release is dedicated to my wife and children. May Armageddon stay far from you!

Copyright 2014 Perish Twice Music.
All Rights Reserved.

Unauthorised copying and duplication will require sacrifice to the dark Lord...seriously.


released March 5, 2014

Chris Meyer - All Instruments, Vocals and Programming.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Meyer



all rights reserved


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Aberration Nexus VIC, Australia

One man Black Metal from The Great Southern Land.
Unleashing rituals & blackened curses as venomous as the creatures that inhabit Terra Australis.
Spawned by a hatred of man & an even greater hatred of the pitiful religions he so dearly clings one will be spared in the days of the Great Cataclysm...your prayers are empty...nothing will save you...
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Track Name: The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth

Chanting mantra
Invoking extinction
Fracture creation
Undo design
Death's head rears from ritual fire

Surgical scythe descends
Spinning the wheel of fortune reversed
Break the dominion of life
Horror and terror divine
Carrion stench on winds that scour
None shall escape from the awe of this power
Words and works of death unleashed
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth

Rats and flies join the chorus
Feasting on the dead
In turn they to shall perish
Once upon an end
The last prayers fall silent
In total darkness

Walls of water encompass the globe
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
Frenzied sands whipped in tumult
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
Erasing all that once stood firm
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
Words and works of chaos unleashed
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth

Sanctuary denied
Mountains crumble to hide
Cause and solution entwined
Edifice and monument devoured

Tomb of darkness
The world capitulates
Womb of chaos
All is in ruin
And laid to waste
Global conflagrating funeral
Plumes of smoking craters

Mesmerising scene
One vast torture chamber
Splendid in design
Maliciously savour this dream
When all as one
And one and all
Emit their dying screams
Dissolving the filth of this world
The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
Track Name: Graced With Darkness (Symphonic Remix)
Graced with Darkness

Despised forever
Cursed and damned
Eternity graced with darkness
Yesterday I wanted to die
Today I wish I had


This life is far to futile
This world is fucked & there is only one solution
Push the fucking button
Release me from this world
Release me from this suffering


Storm rages all around
As death consumes my soul
Lightning cracks
Cold rain falls
Warm against indifferent skin

Rage echoes in thunder
Elements cave in
Imploding self

Quantus tremor est futurus

Bestial torment lashes
Blood from scars
Horror unleashed upon self with scorn
Unrelenting malice
Psychopath turned in
Punishment begins
No redemption
No turning back

Forever marred by sin
Nothing left
Hollowed out
Bereft of feeling
Retribution now begins
Track Name: Hawking (Symphonic Remix)

Supermassive omnivore
Eating space & time

Particles accelerate
Across event horizon

Infinitesimal returning void
Devouring points of light

Omnidimensional ouroborus
Completion of entropy

Devoid of light
Knowledge erased
All traces gone
Crushed unto nought

Obliterate multiversal
Into the dark
All consumed

Blackness all encompassing
Gravity defining end.